Tim Cook to discuss Apple Watch Security aimed concerns

CEO_TimCookConnecticut Attorney State General George Jepsen has called Apple CEO Tim Cook to a meeting, where the new Apple Watch will be the topic of conversation. No, Jepson isn’t hoping to score an early model (so far as we know), but wants to grill Cook over how our privacy will be protected when using the Watch to collect health and location data.

Specifically, Jepsen wants more details on where this personal information will be stored, and the security measures which will be put in place to keep it safe. Quoted by Bloomberg, Jepsen said by opening up a “proactive dialogue about privacy concerns before a product comes to market is an effective and mutually beneficial way to ensure that privacy is protected.”

It’s not just about how Apple intends to keep our data safe either. Jepsen’s also going to be quizzing Cook on third-party developers, and what they’ll need to do to gain our consent to monitor and collect data from the Watch. Depending on the answers he receives, Jepson wants to push Apple to alter its existing privacy policies. Interestingly, he’ll also ask Apple not to approve certain medical and health apps, specifically those which claim to offer advice or diagnosis without the correct regulatory approvals.

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Apple launches portal to “get rid” of free U2 record

U2GroupDuring last week’s keynote, Apple announced that users of iTunes had access to U2’s new pre-released album.  What people did not know is, that the album would automatically download to a person’s Mac.  While some appreciated the gesture, a number of iTunes customers did not.  So much so, that Apple has created a separate portal to help those customers “get rid” of the unwanted album from their iTunes library.

Disgruntled users need to go to http://itunes.com/soi-remove and click the “Remove Album” button.

Official Video of Apple’s Campus 2

So, what if you’re with a carrier that’s NOT listed on Apple’s web site?

iPhone 6As we all know, Apple unleashed its pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last Friday.  Going through the ordering process, you’ll notice that it lists the 4 major cell phone companies.  But what if you have another provider, such as Consumer Cellular or Virgin Mobile?

Fear not!  For we verified this information with Consumer Cellular.  A rep told us that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus “will be available for ordering by the end of September or early October.”  Of course, other cell phone carriers may have different dates.  But their is hope!

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now available for pre-order

iPhone 6At 12:01am Pacific, Apple’s newest iPhone became available for pre-order, and as always, there were some glitches along the way in the ordering process.

At approximately 12:10am, Apple experienced communication problems with carriers such as AT&T when it came to the verification process.  This resulted in orders being “pending” for some, but not for others.  The problem was fixed around 2:15am Pacific Time.

And the usual slowness with the web site and ordering process occurred as well.

Stay with AppleScoop as we bring you the latest on iPhone pre-ordering day.

What you need to know for tomorrow’s iPhone 6 Pre-Order Launch

iPhone 6Friday (September 12th) will mark the day when Apple geeks (yes, I am one of them) will calmer at their computers to order the newest iPhone for pre-orders.  What you need – and may want – to know what to expect so you don’t accidentally loose your place in line.


1.  Pre-orders will begin at 3:00am ET (12:00am PT) or slightly thereafter.
2. Have in mind what you want ahead of time to make the ordering process faster.
3. If you want a case, add it to your cart after adding the iPhone.
4. Gold usually is the first to go, so if you want it, be on time and ready.
5. Do not click refresh or the Back Button during the ordering process.


1.  Pre-orders will begin at 8:00am local time.
2. Have an idea of what you want ahead of time to make the pre-ordering process faster.
3. Gold usually goes fast, so get their early.

Hopefully, with the above tips, you’ll be happy when you’re done pre-ordering your new iPhone.

AppleScoop morns along with the rest of the world – 9/11/2001


Apple axes the iPod Classic


Yes, if you’re left handed, you can still get an Apple Watch

AppleWatchEven though it wasn’t mentioned during the keynote, the upcoming Apple Watch will be able to go on the right and left arm.

The upcoming Apple Watch will be available in “Early 2015″ and cost starting at $349.00

The  Watch Official Video

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